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Individual Therapy

Therapy can equip you with the skills to manage uncomfortable symptoms, reduce stress, overcome obstacles to well-being and improve the quality of your life. It can increase positive feelings, like compassion and self-esteem. Become more self-aware and learn new skills to handle strong emotions and manage difficult situations.


Explore and understand personal patterns, feelings, beliefs and behaviours. Challenge influential memories and heal inter-generational trauma in a safe, confidential environment.


Consistent or recurring negative thoughts, overwhelming feelings, impulsive behaviors, pain and fatigue, loss of short-term memory and self-harm are just a few symptoms that therapy can help with.

Relationship Counselling

Most couples want a caring, loving and committed relationship with their partner. Some are unsure whether their relationship is worth saving. Others have decided to separate and want help to co-create a great parenting relationship for their children.


Explore how you can break ineffective patterns and develop healthy ways of relating to each other. Understand more about communication and connection and the patterns of interaction between you. Increase your self-awareness and explore how your own family dynamics can impact your relationship. Gain skills to overcome your difficulties and deepen the love that originally brought you together. Every couple deserves to have the relationship they desire. 


Most people will experience a traumatic event at some point in their lives, but what is traumatic for one individual might be relatively insignificant in someone else’s life. There’s no way to predict whether an event will be traumatic or what after effects a person might experience. Some types of experiences, however, are more likely to provoke the threat response associated with later negative consequences. Coping with the effects of trauma is a matter of time, patience, and self-care.

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